September 15, 2020

Photo 1 – inside using natural light As you can see mid range detail is quite well captured, but darks are a bit too dark and light dog shaped items are a bit too light and tend to wash out a little. What’s in the box? Some buttons do double duty for different modes, but none of the important features clash and have to be broken out into a menu. Behind the fold out TFT are all the picture controls, arranged much like a Canon video camera. But this is a toy-cam, so you shouldn’t expect too much.

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Mustek DV 3000 Manuals

However keeping the camera still and videoing moving objects well moving dogs produced a quite acceptable result. No separate record buttons for stills and video; you just switch between still and video mode with one button.

Don’t show me this message again. Small, cheap digital still and video camera. No menu-diving to change quality mode, either; there’s a button for that, too.

There’s also decent paper documentation, a couple of alkaline AA cells which’ll last quite well; you don’t have to rush out and buy rechargeables and a software CD, which I mustdk out of the above picture.

It won’t match a real digital camcorder, but then real digital camcorders are 4 times the price. Normal indoor night-time illumination is likely to be somewhere in the range of 20 to 80 lux. Scaling up the medium-res picture and comparing it with the full-res one showed a little less colour noise in the full-res image, but it still wasn’t quite as sharp.

As usual for memory cards among other storage devicesthe one that comes with the DV isn’t quite as big as the sticker says. You want a black musrek


Mustek DV 3000 Camcorder

Olloclip has new pro and entry-level lenses for your phone One of the top names in phone camera dg now has options for those who shoot a little or a lot. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. And, indeed, its top resolution is an impressive for a toy-cam by pixels; 3.

Exposure Parameters Exposure Modes. However the picture quality is acceptable and the video quality is really quite good.

Mustek DV – digital camera Overview – CNET

The camera is meant to have a 70cm to infinity focal range which is fixed-focus-lens code for “a bit blurry at 70cm, and a bit blurry for distant subjects”but the realistic minimum focus mustfk for my review camera is more like two metres. There is also a very slight blurring and close examination of the image revealed the tell tale signs of JPEG compression that has been turned up a little too high.

Super-toy-cams aren’t as silly as they look, though. They may be rather stiff, and you have mustk tweak and shoot and tweak and shoot to get the setting right.

However unlike most other cheap cameras it can record video with sound at a quite reasonable 15 frames per second and is designed to look like a miniature video camera. Many toy-cams forget their settings whenever you turn them off, and default to the same mode every time you fire them up again. Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman 10 days ago.

Night Mustej Taking a night shot Night shot is about 1 second exposure to let you take a picture at night or in dim light. In addition it seems to pick up well detailed sounds from quite a distance.


Mustek DV Manuals

Special offers coming soon! As I mentioned at the top of this review, you can find more serious digicams for the same price as the DV The DV’s video clip resolution, like that of the earlier super-toy-cams I’ve reviewed, is by And they cost about the same as a rock bottom entry level “proper” digicam – something like a Kodak Easyshare CX or Olympus Camedia C also known as the D Dressing up interpolation scaling up the image with the word “hardware” could mean that you actually will end up with higher real image resolution than you might expect, thanks to the hardware having access to the raw colour filter array data.

Its real focal length is much shorter, but it’s aimed at a tiny little CMOS sensor; short focal length lenses pointed at small sensors behave like longer lenses pointed at bigger sensors, as far as field of view goes. Cameras Mustek DV – digital camera Series. Mustek DV – digital camera Series Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. In Brief What it mhstek You also get a separate button for low-light mode, which boosts gain for video clip recording a bit, but really shines for indoor still photography.

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