September 15, 2020

On Thu, 08 Mar I copied the entire page so that you should hopefully be able to download it from this post since you are unable to do it from your computer: And I’m afraid that this is exactly what just happened. Just curious, were you using m-flash from the bios to update the bios or were you using MSI Live from in Windows? Here is the thread from inside the above thread:

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Seems to quite technical to set up. But then again, by building it yourself, you get exactly what hardware you want in a computer for whatever purposes you will be using it for. In a way it has been a Blessing. Forcing a flash should never be done. Why the flash then?

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. About 790fx-gd700 to reflash. If you are the original question asker, you can mark replies as Helpful or Correct by:.

Thanks for spending time on this. I’ve searched the web and saw some people asking about legacy drivers but all the links send me back to the same AMD driver page that I was on. Here is the thread from inside the above thread: Looking for latest chipset drivers for FX-GD70 motherboard.


Tried a different video 79fx-gd70, all usb ports on the back, clear CMOS, remove battery, remove 4 pin power to mb, remove and reinstall cpu.

AMD Display Driver

But as I mentioned in the previous reply, there are some tips to try first before using the LPT solution that did work. Please type your message and try again.

As soon as power is applied the FF code appears. Well, that’s the worst thing to do. It goes into sleep mode after a few seconds. Display results button on AMD manual driver search doesn’t do anything. It went to reboot on its own and then the screen went black.

The pc doesn’t even POST. Even if it is out of Warranty.

MSI 790FX-GD70 – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM3 – AMD 790FX Series

Your download will begin immediately after clicking on the “Download” button. You may unsubscribe instantly from Community, or adjust email frequency in your email preferences. Looks like my attempts to hold off on spending a bunch of money have been foiled. As stated more often in this forum: On Wed, 07 Mar After selecting all the proper items: Many have RMAed their boards but I suspect your is out of warranty.


Or you can purchase a whole computer which might be cheaper depending on how you want it customized before purchasing.

Specification for FX-GD70 | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

This is the legacy Chipset driver page I was linked to. Maybe a Java issue as I’m on Firefox.

I again updated to the newest and last BIOS and my computer has been working like a chipsef ever since. Bios flash undid all my work. This tool allows you to monitor and manage your RAID arrays in the Microsoft Windows environment or via remote login to your system.

Go thru the thread and see if the thread comes up on how to fix the BIOS:

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