June 26, 2020

Caution Labels And Indicators If any caution labels or caution indicator is soiled, please clean to make legible. If any caution labels or caution indicator is soiled, please clean to make legible. Page A paper misfeed in the large capacity tray p. Note Slowly remove the tape attached to the toner cartridge. Touch [A3 wide paper size]. Check the print result. When The Message “malfunction Detected.

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If the staples are empty, appears in the screen on the touch panel. Color copies have a thicker layer minoota toner than normal black-and-white copies. The paper feed direction is shown by the arrows in the diagram below. Installation Precautions The power source requirements are as follows.

If the Option tray is installed: Page – To clear a paper misfeed in a paper draw A paper misfeed in the large capacity tray p.

Page 76 Select the desired color mode. Page The paper that was removed tore and remains in the fusing unit.


Time] again in the next three screens that appear. If a thin double-sided document being copied. Check the print result to make sure that the left margin for the second side is adjusted to between 2. Filter Collects the toner dust generated in the copier. Page 51 Page 52 – User’s Choice: Select the 3-digit account number for the desired account.

Based on the scanned image, the gradation levels are automatically adjusted. Grasp the tab on the left end of the fusing unit cover, and then return the cover to its original position. Transporting The Copier Use only toner that has been manufactured specifically for this copier. Another function cannot be selected while a test print is being printed. Press the staple case down.

Carefully pull out the paper. Close the right-side door. Repeat the above steps until the entire surface of the document transfer belt has been wiped clean.

Don’t have an account? Minoltw black circle indicates an imperative course of action. Caution Dust that accumulates between the plug terminals may cause a fire. To Empty The Hole-punch Waste Container Empty the hole-punch waste container, and then re-install it according to the following procedure.


Touch [Auto-select Paper for Small Original].

Konica Minolta – Toner Cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

Remove the empty staple cartridge. Page Move the guide back to its original position. To Set The “prt Area dup. The list of maintenance levels are printed. The 88031 case is released. Note Be sure to remove two staples, otherwise stapling cannot continue correctly.

Konica Minolta 8031 Supplies

Page See p. Using the keypad, enter the administrator access code. Note Be careful not to touch the surface of the paper take-up roller with your hands.

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