June 8, 2020

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PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.5 Released

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Maven Repository: postgresql » postgresql » jdbc4

Hopefully the example stands mostly for itself. Then some required configuration from the flyway. Overrides values in the driver default set and values set with binaryTransferEnable.


On my machine we see this is release 4.

Where can I find the PostGresql JDBC 4 drivers in a maven repo? – Stack Overflow

Snapshot builds builds from master branch are also deployed to Maven Central, so you can test current development version test some bugfix using:. Read the History of Changes for .92 of previous versions.

There is a newer file called “postgresql Something wrong with this page? Specifies the maximum size in megabytes of a per-connection prepared statement cache. A value of 0 disables the cache. Login to resync this project.

Specifies which mode is used to execute queries to database, possible values: Typically this configurations stays pretty stable during a project.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

My th post on the codecentric blog: Unless you have unusual requirements running old applications or JVMsthis is the driver you should be using. Ha ha it does say it in he readme: Post on the psql-jdbc mailing list if so. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sotirios Delimanolis k 39 Specifies what the driver should do if a query fails, possible values: As with the command-line version of Flyway information on executing the Migrations is printed out.


We had someone working on automating the PgJDBC releases to Central using maven-ant-tasks, but they seeem to have vanished.

These properties may be specified in either the connection URL or an additional Properties object postgresq to DriverManager.

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I get that you add dependencies in Maven’s pom. Neither are the versions 9.

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