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It would work with some things but not others. I used it myself a lot. Truong Nguyen May 6, 9: The very nice Inventables article chose to pick up GND from pin 4 on the pin side. But I do recall having a lot of trouble getting libusb on a new Win 10 laptop. I’m not sure that you should set the self programming jumper I don’t have an USBASP , since you are using an external programmer to upload. The USBasp is “working properly”.

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Most people use the 10uF cap solution instead of the resistor one. The latest Window Drivers are fully signed, so you can use them on Windows Vista and above without any issues.

Grbl overwrites the bootloader, so every time you want to install a new version, you have to have a programmer. Reviews Robert Hunt verified owner — May 4, This seller helped me through a public holiday! Run avrdude or extremeBurnerAVR to test if works and now it will do without problems. But on closer inspection, that ribbon only had 9 wires — pin 10 was empty. Everything I have — including Tiny85 boards — is 6 pin. The downside to uploading over serial is it requires the bootloader.


It does not seem to actually be running the Blink program. The first way is with yet another jumper on the programmer.

Cheap USBASP knockoff programmer

ArduToys on Nov 03, Note the pinout you attached is not for those blue boards: He warns that when you change the JP1 jumper from 5V to 3. Any assistance would be greatly appriciated. The system cannot find the file specified.

When you install new drivers on vista and if it points that drivers are not kc signed, then simply accept that and force it to continue. I have the 64 bit drivers on my site http: The bootloader takes up some of your flash memory.

We know you will love. That code runs every time the microcontroller is reset.

Can’t Update The Firmware On My USBasp Atmega8 Using Arduino

Interestingly, you program it over the same connection that it uses to program its target chips. The new one arrived today and I did the mods. I thought I was following the introduction But I did not see this type of info.

Unfortunately the hardware definition for the Pro or Pro Mini reserves the boot section of flash whether you are doing an Upload or an Upload Using Programmer so you would only actually be able to use that memory if you used a different hardware definition, modified the definition, or used AVRDUDE directly from the command line.


Hi there, I tried all drivers I found, including the bit one here on my Vista 64 and nothing works. Of course due to subtle differences in layout between like-numbered!

USBasp – USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers –

Anyway, if technolpgy in a hurry use F8 option list and disable before system boot: I modify the USBasp makefile so I can use the built in rules like “flash” to program the part. September 13, at January 4, at 9: I had to follow the traces to see which jumper was which as there as no documentation. I made up a cable from scraps from the ribbon cable box. The other way is from the avrdude command line.

A quick search found this and this. Truong Nguyen May 6, 9: I may have gotten sidetracked due to my USBasp problems.

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