June 12, 2020

My drives Imported just fine into N4F. However, so far it does not automatically add it to the boot image. In spite of this, this how-to may not be complete and require modifications particular to your setup. When running make I get this output: It’s not a tragic issue but a tip for developers. It was a partial success for me: For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

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To automatically install the module into a new kernel on boot if the capability exists this isn’t necessary if you use Ubuntu’s prebuilt packages 27200 update your kernels, but it doesn’t hurt.

RocketRaid 62x and 64x Driver

While not complete, this mini-howto should get most users the ability to have the driver automatically compile and install on a kernel update using DKMS. Following its instructions we do the following: I think we are going to have to wait till more drivers are supported.

It will also use DKMS to compile the module for future kernel update automatically. I’m guessing this used to work, but not on In future edits I will change the date below so you know what version you are working off of and if there is newer software for you.


HighPoint RocketRAID SGL Need How to – XigmaNAS

rkcketraid Path to the directory should not contain any spaces, it could lead to errors when building module. Please feel free to modify or offer suggestions if possible. I’ve tried to compile the driver on Ubuntu If after a kernel upgrade you reboot and it can’t find the rr26xx module, then reboot in an old working kernel and run this: Currently a lot of this was done from memory and notes, and should therefore be tested again.

This card is not yet supported by N4F. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

Please see note below. RocketRaid 26xx Driver Update: Ubuntu up to Feel free to add modifications in this wiki page.

Their are many different BIOS flashes out there. This also worked with my RocketRaid and Ubuntu Is there an easy way to have this card work – or if not could someone suggest a reasonable priced PCI-e controller that will work straight out the box – I’m planning on using ZFS mirrors and don’t need RAID on the card – I just need to be able to add 8 drives and to be cheeky a uk based link to purchase it?

Under more advanced scenarios, conditional build instructions and patching can be done by the dkms system, but in our case this is not necessary. I use the “legacy” non-RAID driver that forces all disks to be recognized as pass-thru devices for direct disk access, but the RAID driver works in exactly the same way.


RocketRaid last edited RocketRaid 62x and 64x Driver Notice Variations on these instructions will likely work with other RocketRaid or even other hardware drivers, but they’ve at least been tested with the rr62x and rr64x on Maverick Download this file into your rr62x-linuxla-src-v1.

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RocketRAID 272x/271x Series

Failed to verify controller hpt27xx0: An attempt to make the detailed instructions work with a L card on Xubuntu In fact, the changes are the same for the rr62x and rr26xx belowwith only the lines on which the offending code occurs changing between the versions. Another minor but critical fix In However, the changes required to the source code are fairly trivial. Above symbolic link must be complete absolute path! To remake the initrd image after installing the module.

This helps the kernel to auto-load the module on rocketrad, and put it in your initrd file to be available at that time.

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