September 29, 2020

Sir… Can you help me.. Also, there are several kext that is a must, and by default, it installs when you choose to install a boot mode with MultiBeast, mentioned in the shot below. Hey dear, You need to replace the clover bootloader config. Then I installed drivers from Multibeast and restart comuter. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Sign In Sign Up. So before fixing first plug the Ethernet cable into your laptop or desktop PC then check the Internet by the safari that it works or not.

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Again it will ask the password type and enter your password to allow this service. So it one of the most important and etheret tasks that you have to do here.

You need to install a bootloader and other post-installation tasks. Ive tried all the different network kexts that multibeast offers and IONetworkingFamily kext, and still same thing.

It may start working after a restart. Remove everything it did.


Please make sure to flair your posts by clicking the “flair” button below the post. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Mukhtar Jafari Thank you so much for your concern, but you just shared the hyperlink of the hackintoosh post. Sir, the installation is finished and i restarted my laptop, how to move on.?


This sub is dedicated to legally obtained copies of OS X.

Install & Fix macOS Sierra Bootloader, Ethernet, Audio Problem & Post Installation of Hackintosh

After booting to the installer i cant use my mouse or my keyboard through USB port. But when Etherbet plug-in my earphones, it plays me all the audio that is being recorded by the microphone. So there are many ways, I will cover here the most important that I can do for you guys.

Have you Installed Bootloader? Again it will ask hackintodh password, type and enter your password to allow this utility. Close to Finish Installation. Clover randomly gets removed from boot options, especially broacdom installing kexts.

So all you have to do is find and install the right driver for your Ethernet by MultiBeast. Do like this in terminal, you need root privilege for this operation: Please follow this video tutorial: Please do not ask, or post, about things like iAtkos, Niresh, or any other modified OS X installer that may have malicious code in it!

Help! Can’t get Internet to work : hackintosh

So i unchecked every kext and installed the OS. What to do now?

  MSP 2950 W 2 DRIVER

Hey you can download from hhackintosh with the direct link: Download Customac Essential from the link below then open it, on the Introduction page all the information is given that which drivers are going to be install with customac essential. Neither sometimes the Microsoft Windows is not, and we have to install the driver manually.

After the make all the settings then click on Build section then select where you want to install this environment and finally click Install.

Is there any good way to find the match? To install the kext for keyboard download the supported kext for your system, but mostly the kext that link below is working for many laptops. Oh yes mister, but can you fix this one?

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Get help from this video how to change serial number: The system uptime in nanoseconds.

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