September 14, 2020

This file is also deleted after DOSBox is launched. If the value is too high for your CPU the emulation will slow down and the sound starts to skip. Now I’m getting a different error. I guess i could use MSconfig to cap the ram at 16mb. It says “Fatal Error!!!

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I wish I had a solution for the EMS problem itself though. You can find the dosbox. Forgot your username or password?

In the most cases this approach is more efficent than interpretation, except for programs that employ massive self-modifying code. Dosbix here to join today!

Basically the same fosbox normal, but optimized for real-mode older games. I increased the memsize to maximum memory that I have and xms and ems are both true but still the gam doesn’t run.

VOGONS • View topic – Aladdin DOS and EMS Memory within Win98se (Solved)

I’m not sure if this WILL work coz it’s been a while since I’ve used dosbox, but it’s worth a try Good luck and keep us posted. Yep, that’s fixed it For protected mode programs it switches to dynamic core, if available.


Nanani Nanani 8 years ago 7 Wow, so that works? Set to max to automatically run as many cycles as possible.

Only problem I had may have come from using a frontend: Might be something trivial causing the problem. I have read every help that I could find on the net but to no use. Dosboxx you already have an account?

Had the same problem that occured under 0. Can’t you people see I’m trying to commit a crime against science and nature here?

Solved: DOS memory problem

fosbox There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Thanks for the help! The exact folder name in the Finder may vary, depending on the language you use for OS X.

XMS error is thrown usually when there is too much memory. Thank you so much for your help!. This option is not present on all host platforms. Thanks for all of the help!. Ive dosbx msconfig to cap it at 32 or 16mb ram nothing different and i actually used the unofficial pack, but i only did the updates.


Many of these settings do not need to be fully understood to configure DOSBox, but it is helpful to know where to look. I know that Aladdin for DOS in particular does not run on a system with over 16mb of ram. If you’re not already familiar with forums, watch our Welcome Guide to get started. At this point the theme music starts up just as I remember itbut that’s it.

dosboc This program can not run with an XMS driver!!! For realmode games, this option switches to realmode default number of cycles or if not specified.

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Board index All times are UTC. You can use EMM Real-mode programs are run with the normal core. Zonee66 with DB 0.

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