November 21, 2020

Call having the requested call identity has been cleared. Another non-Eicon ISDN card was installed in the computer previously and the driver is still present. Invalid information element contents. Contact the other party to establish the cause. B2 protocol not supported. Mandatory information element is missing. Therefore we are very anxious to have partnerships and cooperations with leading hardware and software manufacturers.

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Destination out of order.

Identified channel does not exist. Requested facility not subscribed. Close down all applications and restart your PC. You can work round this problem by turning off the fax option in the settings for your CAPI driver.

Reset procedure not dialoglc by current protocol. Use your email address to login. The error occurs when several devices react to the call. Message not compatible with call state. You can try again immediately. If JavaScript is disabled in your browser, please turn it back on then reload this page.


Dialogic Diva / CAPI Error Codes

The number you are calling did not answer within the time period required by your connection. Information element non-existent or not implemented.

The ISDN adapter you set up was not found. If the terminal device of the other party is dialovic telephone, then it rang but the call was not answered.

Call identity in use. Network out of order. Therefore we are very anxious to have partnerships and cooperations with leading hardware and software manufacturers. The CAPI driver is requesting too many simultaneous connections.

The number you are calling could not be reached because it has no line assigned to it. Service Center Logon Login Need help with login? Most of these alliances include a close cooperation for technology exchangesupport and marketing.

Technical Helpweb

Close down all applications and restart you PC. No answer from user user alerted. The number you are calling confirmed call received within the time period required, but a connection was not established, however. Contact your telephone company for the new number. The terminal dialoic of the other party is not compatible with the terminal device that is making the call.


This site is best viewed with JavaScript enabled. The phone number has the right format, however.

ChanCapiHardware –

The device reached under the phone number refused the call, although it was not busy and was able to answer the call. Bearer capability not implemented. At the moment there is no channel free for a call. Or it could be that when you tried to resume the call you used the wrong code number. Protocol error layer 1 broken line or B-channel removed by signaling protocol.

Download the file capicheck.

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