June 16, 2020

How can I tell if its the inverter or the backlight bulb that needs replacing? Some sellers ship worldwide. Step 1 Slide the latch to the left and slide the battery out of the laptop. Again, if you decide to buy a new screen, find one with the inverter attached. Now you can access the back side and disconnect cables. None original screen will not work. This part of your description sounds like a problem with the screen.

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Dell XPS M1530 Screens

Disconnect the antenna wires and pull them through the motherboard. Make sure to find one with the inverter installed.

Is it inverter issue or LCD screen. September 16, 9: Step 13 Carefully place your finger under the edge of the bezel and lift it up to unsnap it.

I believe its an LCD issue. Just in case, test your laptop with the external monitor again. Any suggestions on where to buy??


Hair dryer idea works!!! Paul, My XPS screen is flickering different levels of brightness This part of your description sounds like a problem with the inverter OR backlight lamp.

Dell XPS M LCD Screen Removal and Installation

I press the power button and I get nothing — zip — nada! I can still use my computer properly but it is rather annoying. Unplug the ribbon cable. Yes, buy a new LCD screen with inverter attached. Chris, I have a M Step 5 Remove the 2 2. Do you have a LED light on the adapter brick? Thank you so so much for the instructions!!

This laptop uses more then one type screen. For most of models, the LCD screens are compatible with each othe If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site.

Step 2 Loosen the 2 communication door screws. Again, cannot tell without testing. Appreciate a response Can you see a very faint image on the screen when the laptop is turned on? I cannot tell which one is bad without testing the laptop with spare parts. Step 7 Turn the power button cover over to expose the ribbon cable and unplug it.


The screen came with its own inverter. I did some research and found that some Dell XPS M laptops are known for the graphics card failure.

Only 3 left in stock – order soon. This is even during rebooting — not software related.

Step 6 Turn the laptop over and open the display. When its working the screen will flicker and then the screen becomes blurry. An external video card can work when the a laptop displah no display??? Help Contact Us About Us. July 1,