June 8, 2020

My laptop keyboard is very small. I have the logitech mx keyboard and mouse. I have a BenQ x keyboard, It’s pretty good. It’s been through about six desktop boxes. This was a replacement for a Awesome creative desktop pro that I spilled scotch all over.

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These keyboards have nothing modern about them, but they have dfender under the keys and the caps are removable k-910b washing. I have one of those units. The volume keys really change the volume, which is cool. I also have an original Epson computer s keyboard much the same as above, all three used daily.

And I use Dvorak, not that it has anything to do with the thread, but i’m glad it’s supported in ubuntu gnome – I couldn’t use it in Xfce without changing the whole system from xorg.

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I had a really fancy keyboard the one where the keys sloped to the left on one side and to the right on the other? For a while there they were selling keyboards with the function keys disabled on bootup until you hit a key.

I think the best way to learn is with a map on the screen rather than getting a new keyboard. I wish better support was available so that ubutnu could set up the buttons automatically.


Might have to try it sometime and see how it works: I don’t hold that against gnome as it makes perfect sense really. I would have been fine with just a basic wireless keyboard. The only real limitation I’ve found is that I need to be on the same screen as the media player I’m using for the media control keys to function.

Not that I like the windows button itself but its pretty useful at times.

Defender E KS-910B klaviatuur

The only “special” keys the machine has are the multimedia keys on the front, which I can’t live without! I’m trying to find an old Model-M though, just for the vintage fun.

MS xefender their idiotic Function-Lock key on this one. The buttons still work, but the pointer is stuck. I was so annoyed with myself. One of the better ergo keys as well. I have a basic black rectangular thingy with no extra functions.

How many of you have enhanced keyboards? My mouse just started freezing within minutes of starting X. I find I use the extra buttons quit a bit.

I don’t really like “special” keyboards, although I’m thinking of getting a dvorak one. I have a MS Natural keyboard with the stupidly-implemented F-lock, and it’s extremely annoying. It has every letter number, or symbol I should ever need. I also painted the front of the dummy keys to hide the “cut, copy, paste, open” junk.


No extra keys to maps, it’s just an awesome keyboard. The keys stick every now and again, but I just shake it upside down to remove the cat hair and voila, I’m back in business!

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It doesn’t even have one of those funny windows buttons between Alt and Ctrl. I remapped the FLock key to toggle the Dvorak layout. I dont even have a windows button, it very strange.

Play, stop, pause, next song, restart song, etc. Are you thinking about learning it, or do you use it already? Just about everthing was set up and working without further tweeking. So, until a patch is available, I live with what I have.

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