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Once a number of heads have been selected for programming, the head control buttons controls how changes are applied to those heads. When enabled, the individual delay times for the base level of an attribute in a head will also apply to any incoming FX on that attribute. Playback Mode shows a much reduced set of buttons on the screen — only buttons required for show playback are shown. See terms and conditions of sale for full details. When you subsequently change the Palette the changes will be reflected in the Cue. The numbers used are the index into the selection order, not the head numbers. Note that for security reasons this is only recommended for stand alone systems dedicated to MagicQ which are not connected to the internet – please make sure you understand the implications for your computer, before changing this setting.

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It is recommended that you name the dimmer or the head based on its location e. Patching can be carried out at any time and has an immediate effect. The manual starts with an introduction to the MagicQ lighting console its features, functions and concepts.

Highlighting of the controlled head s makes programming of positions much easier. If you have been provided with a calling card, information on what to do next will be provided CSV to export the data. The active window is on the top of the screen and is easily identified as the window with the highlighted title bar at the top.

Cloning enables a show programmed with a certain number of heads to be expanded to use more of the same head type without having codegsn reprogram all of the show. Palettes can be recorded, moved, copied and removed and used within Cues just as with Position, Colour and Beam palettes. Heads that have some attributes in the Cue referencing the Palette but others using other Palettes, will not change the attributes that are using other Palettes.


In the Intensity Window the dimmers can be selected on a per colour basis, thus easily enabling the operator to identify the colour and position of the lamps to program into each scene.

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The Cue Stack stores a Cue Id and a textual field for each Cue so that the different steps in the stack can be labelled. Change the width parameter to vary the proportion of time spent on yellow and magenta. Pair mode is similar to Single mode except that instead of only codegrn single head being sub selected, a symmetrical pair within the selected heads is sub selected. If no heads are currently selected then capture is for all heads, otherwise only data for heads that are currently selected will be captured.

Note that the MagicDMX interface Basic or Full does not lift these restrictions, as this is a low cost interface intended for learning how to program the system. On MagicQ there is a window codegeb each of these attribute types.

To name the palette, key in the name on the external keyboard, then press SET and select the palette entry you wish to name. This change only affects shows created in v1.

FX that play back only one cycle and then codeyen. You can easily set up a large number of channels by using SHIFT and the cursor keys to select multiple channels. The View Palette, View Used window can be used to determine how many times Palettes have been used within a show. Black hard wearing powder coated fini This enables a different FX to be selected, but with the speed, size and offsets remaining the same.

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These device functions are different from global functions kernels in that they can only be called from other device or global functions. Both ends can be removed revealing a rackmount side and another padded storage side. A wide range of 3 rd party USB interfaces are supported on Universe 1. It is possible to choose whether both Palettes and Cues are cloned or just Palettes.


When working in spreadsheets style windows with an external keyboard it is not necessary to press the SET button in the above sequence – you can edit the spreadsheet like any other, just by moving to the appropriate box and entering text on the keyboard.

The find can also be invoked by entering text on the command line and then using any of the previous methods to start the Find operation.

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When they are moved all the programming and palettes associated with them also moves to the codrgen channels. Alternatively set the Col to Patch. The programmer can covegen set into a Blind mode using the BLIND button so that the contents of the programmer do not affect the output of the console. When set to “head” then when one attribute of a head is changed, all the attributes of the head are activated.

MagicQ supports cdoegen extensive array of features to enable lighting designers to quickly and easily realise their innovative and imaginative designs. The personality for the main channels in the head includes the extra channels. If the selected heads are the only heads in the FX then no change is made to the FX.

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