June 2, 2020

Increased HRR can result in a backdraft if sufficient concentration of gas phase fuel is present , a vent induced flashover, or simply fire gas ignition such as rollover or a flash fire without transition to a fully developed fire. Side C and the Loading Dock Door Figure 12shows Side C of the fire building and Exposure C and the loading dock door that was breached to provide access to the fire building from Side C immediately prior to the backdraft. Failure of the rear door established a flow path through the narrow, question mark shaped hallway and kitchen to the front stairway. Even low flow exterior streams applied from upwind can have a significant impact on controlling the fire prior to interior operations. Clearly understand when you are taking a reasonable and calculated risk and when you are gambling.

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Tactical ventilation or other tactical operations that may influence fire behavior must be coordinated with fire attack. A bi-directional air track smoke out the top and air in the bottom is often a significant indicator of a ventilation controlled fire, but what about before the door is open?

Blast effects on the structure are obvious. Less than two minutes after the change in ventilation profile, a violent backdraft occurred, producing a large fireball that engulfed Captain Roberto Reyna and Teniente Oscar Ruiz in Snorkel 4 see Figure 4.

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What leads you to the conclusion that this was or was not a backdraft? Video by Sean Black Photography http: Also look at the similarities and differences between the extreme fire behavior that occurred in the Baltimore and Gary incidents. However, I am renewing my commitment to developing knowledge of practical fire dynamics throughout the fire service and will endeavor to return to posting on a regular basis.


Think about this before you are engaged in a firefight. Increasing volume, darkening color and thickness optical densitylowing of the level of the hot gas layer. However, most residential structures have more than enough of a fuel load to develop the conditions necessary for a variety of extreme fire behavior phenomena.

Minneapolis, MN In the Minneapolis incident the fire occurred in an older home with legacy construction and relatively small void spaces cffbt the knee walls and above 2b ceiling on Floor 3. However, commercial and industrial occupancies present greater risks. This is particularly important when the fire is on the leeward downwind side of the building and entry is made from the windward upwind side of the building. Starting at approximately Pressurizing uninvolved spaces with a blower to prevent infiltration of smoke.

This involves use of a blower for anti-ventilation by applying pressure without creating an exhaust, similar cfby what is done to pressurize a highrise stairwell.

Even with an opening into another compartment or to the exterior of the building, a compartment fire can become ventilation controlled.

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At other times, units were fully staffed on engines and trucks, 4 on rescues, and 3 on ambulances. What indicators can be observed at the door after forcing the outer door prior to ventilation of the window on Floor 2?

Recognize that there are no simple answers to the questions of how much risk is too much and what actions are appropriate in a given circumstances. Note that these indicators are not all read during the incident, but are considered as part of knowing the buildings in your response area and assessing the building as part of size-up. No one was injured. The Harrisonburg incident involved extreme fire behavior in Exposure D not cfgt original fire unit.


I suspect that the learners in the video enjoyed this live fire training session and that the instructors desired to provide a quality learning experience. Early Defensive Operations Note: A smoke explosion involves ignition of pre-mixed fuel smoke and air that is within cfht flammable range and does not require mixing with air increased ventilation for ignition and deflagration.

Do you think that this was a backdraft or smoke explosion? If you do not think this was a backdraft, what might have been the cause of the explosion?

Smoke on Side C appears to have a faintly pulsing air track with low velocity which is masked to some extent by the effects of the wind swirling smoke due to changes in low level wind conditions. No flames are visible.

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Unlike backdraft and smoke explosion, the only clue may be building factors related to occupancy and this may not be a good indicator when operating at a residential fire. Use the worksheet to document observed fire behavior indicators as you watch the first six minutes of the following video of an apartment fire that occurred on May 10, at the corner of Park Creek Lane and Hill Park Court in Churchville, NY.

Oscar and I had several opportunities to spend time together over the course of my visit and he shared several observations and insights into this incident. An Organizational Schemeextreme fire behavior phenomena can be classified on the basis of outcome and conditions see Figure 1.

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