September 15, 2020

External effects processors are also easy to hook into. All functions the same usual! Can’t comment on the feature-packed Korg as I have not tried that one. This unit is well built. Of course there is a headphone jack, which is unfortunately tied to the monitor outs. And yet I had no idea about the sound engineered by buying it.

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But if you keep the master fader at 0db where it should be there is not a problem. Driver installation on my G5 was easy.

Review of the Yamaha AW Recorder by TweakHeadz Lab

Although nearly 10 years old it sounds better than most of todays high-tech multitrack recorders. This function manquaut cruellment DMK2 of the particles in Korg Add a keyboard with a hamaha like the Yamaha Mo, Korg TR, or Roland Juno and you’d be able to do complete sounding productions with ease.

You can also choose 16 bit if you want, but in my tests so far, the sound is not as good. This is a workhorse. The AW is a really fine songwriting tool, more that what you need for just rough sketches. Yamaha says aw16600 effects processors are two independent SPX processors.


That means you can’t turn off the signal to the monitors while recording without turning off the phones. It looks complicated but it’s not.

All user reviews for the Yamaha AW1600

So it just squeaked by. A new hard drive appeared in the Finder about two seconds after connection. The fawn whose files are nomms does not make things easier, and rinjecter of modifis files You get EQ and Compression yamahq the track level and two sends to effects of your choice on the bus level, with internally routed returns.

Who needs an AW? Not a hiccup, stutter, crack or crinkle.

I think the Yamaha sounds a shade cleaner and is definitely easier to use. If you have high quality mics, good musicians, yamahha a good producer, this unit is more than capapble of putting out professional quality audio that would rival many larger studio products. Yet, the compressors were effective.

Yamaha AW – Track Hard Disk Desktop Workstation AW

Ok there are only 11 votes so far. I was able to record on the AW without reading the manual except for a glance or two. Wanting more for the home studio seems to me quite useless: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. I think it will be perfect for recording living room jam sessions, which is one of the things I plan a1600 do.


The manual, in my opinion, wa1600 not well written. Or, i can push the monitoring button, all my monitoring tools are there. Otherwise the build quality of the unit is rugged. I should have read the manual. This unit includes 8 inputs so that you can record 8 tracks simultaneously which is important to those who like to record with a band or others.

There were no hums or hisses emanating from the unit, even with the master fader maxed. Its good to know I can make good recordings straight out of the box though.

The recording quality is excellent, the effects are top notch, and the unit is user-friendly.

Yamaha AW1600 Digital Recording Workstation

I was even able to drag audio files straight into onto logic’s audio tracks where they played from the Yaamaha internal hard drive. They are all adjustable and well penss.

Everything is contrlable etpeut fDone TRS rsultats beautiful even and especially when one is alone at the controls!

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